Ozonated Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cosmetic 100 ml.


Ozonised Oil

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Cosmetic extra virgin olive oil ozonated and ecological.

Container: 100 ml.
Presentation: Plastic container with spray diffuser.
Manufacturer: Ozono Farma, S.L.
How to use: Apply with a gentle massage until completely absorbed by the skin.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cosmetic, ecological and ozonized is a natural product, from the mountains, with CE certificate. Among its many properties it can be used as a natural cosmetic suitable for skin use and for all skin types. Ozonated Olive Oil Cosmetic is purifying, healing, anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising. OzonoFarma's Ozonated Olive Oil Cosmetic is the natural alternative to improve the skin.

Examples for its application: Relieves different types of psoriasis, haemorrhoids, legs with varicose veins, circulation problems, prevents ulcers and bedsores, relieves itching, anal and perianal redness and fissures. Ideal for female intimate areas to relieve itching and discomfort, for diabetic feet, footwear chafing, etc.

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