We answer the questions most frequently asked by our customers:

What is ozone?

We answer the questions most frequently asked by our customers:

O3 only lasts for 20 to 30 minutes before it loses one of its atoms and changes back to O2.

Another natural form of ozone is produced by storms, lightning and thunderstorms.

How do we manage to emulate nature?

There is another form of ozone production, which is used by man by electrical and electronic means; by creating arcs of electrical sparks. The more sparks, the more ozone is produced. This ozone has the same duration as the ozone produced by the sun, because it repeats the formula, that is, it is a matter of splitting the oxygen molecule into two atoms and these atoms instantly join another free molecule, forming the O3 unit. And so on.

What are the benefits of ozone?

The application of ozone is very beneficial for its application in agriculture, surface disinfection, human skin and a wide range of other applications; it has been tested and proven and is totally safe, as the products we offer are totally natural and many of them are ecological.

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