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Ozone, known for its properties to purify and regenerate, is the basis of our dermatological solutions.

Ozone was known in the Greek antiquity, although the first evidences of ozone date back to 1785 by the Dutch physicist Martinus Van Marum who, after working with electrostatic machines, noticed a peculiar odor, that of ozone gas. However, it was in 1840 that the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein synthesized it, realizing that this substance was a natural component of the air that would sooner rather than later bring multiple benefits.

Later, in 1900, Nikolas Tesla discovered the power of ozone generators for medical use and he was the first to ozonate olive oil.

In the 1970s, ozone began to be used in Russia onpatients with burns. It was a resounding success, which was followed in the next years by countless applications in other countries such as Germany, with 11,000 professionals dedicated to the use of this product, or in Italy, with more than 3,000.

In addition, there are numerous pharmacists who recommend this substance, such as the spokesperson for Dermopharmacy and Magistral Formulation of the Official College of Pharmacists of Alicante, in Spain: “This will help repair the damage caused to the skin and help it to recover”,or the recommendations provided by the Association of Aesthetic Medicine in Madrid, highlighting the numerous benefits and properties of ozone.

With this commitment to skin health, Ozonofarma was born after a long record of manufacturing and selling ozone machines, more precisely since 1997.

At Ozonofarma, we combine nature with scientific innovation, developing products that address today’s dermatological concerns but also contribute to your skin’s long-term health.


Ozonofarma’s Ozonated Oil

Ozonofarma’s ozonated oil is made with organic extra virgin olive oil from the mountains of Seville, ozonated and with CE certificate.

It is a natural cosmetic for cutaneous use, suitable for all skin types and formulated with purifying, healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which makes Ozonofarma’s oil the natural alternative to improve the skin.

How to use: apply and massage until absorbed by the skin, twice a day.

Recommended use: to relieve different types of psoriasis, insect bites, hemorrhoids, legs with varicose veins, circulation problems, prevention of ulcers and bedsores; to reduce itching, anal and perianal redness and fissures; ideal for female intimate areas with itching and discomfort, for diabetic foot, chafing from footwear, mycosis, to maintain the general condition of the skin, etc.


Committed to Sustainability

At Ozonofarma, we care about your health, but also about that of our planet. We strive to be a sustainable company, minimizing our environmental impact in every step of our supply chain and operations. This is why we use certified organic raw materials and CE marking.

Join the Ozonofarma’s Dermatological Care Revolution

Discover the leading standard in dermatological care and our commitment to excellence, innovation and skin health.

We continually develop and study new applications of ozone in our own cosmetic line, whose products you can find in our online store.

Will you join us on this journey to healthier and more radiant skin?



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