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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cosmetic from the sierra and ozonised.

Francisco Sousa



The successful skin treatment

Free shipping to mainland Spain, except Portugal.
OZONOFARMA is an organic extra virgin olive oil from the mountains and OZONIZED with CE certificate.

The ozonized oil is a natural cosmetic for skin moisturizing and suitable for all skin types.

Our ozonised oil is purifying, healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing.

OZONOFARMA oil is the natural alternative to improve the skin.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply and massage until absorbed by the skin, twice a day.

EXAMPLES: Relieves different types of psoriasis, insect bites, relieves haemorrhoids, legs with varicose veins, circulation problems, prevention of ulcers and bedsores, improves itching, anal redness, perianal and fissures, ideal for female intimate areas with itching and discomfort, for diabetic feet, chafing from shoes, preserves the general good condition of the skin, etc.


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